• 3M-Matic A80 Semi-Automatic Case Sealer (3MA80)

    The 3M-Matic A80 provides an economical avenue of automation when you're considering the purchase of your first case sealer. Handles a broad range of carton sizes from 4.75" to 21.5" widths and heights from 4.75" to 21.5". Includes AccuGlide Taping Head 2+ for low impact application of tape.

    You might be a good candidate for the A80 to automate your box sealing operations if you currently:

    • • Have one shift, sealing fewer than 300 boxes per day,
    • • Are hand-taping boxes with manual tape dispensers,
    • • Have seasonal case sealing applications,
    • • Have small, off-line applications, and/or,
    • • Have a limited budget for automation.

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